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The California Central Coast Randonnée is a scenic tour of the beautiful region that lies between the San Francisco Bay Area and southern California. The 1200-kilometer "3CR" route is point-to-point and uses some of the Golden State's best cycling roads. The overall elevation ranges from sea level to about 2,000 feet. The route, while not mountainous, is often quite hilly and participants will want to prepare for a serious cycling challenge if they are to complete the ride inside the 90-hour time limit. Riders will likely encounter a wide range of weather conditions from cool coastal fog to summer heat.

3CR participants will all start together, but they will be doing either the 1000 km or 1200 km distance. Both brevets share the same route and controls from San Jose to Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, King City (1st overnight stop), Monterey, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo (2nd overnight stop), Lompoc, Solvang and back to San Luis Obispo (3rd overnight stop/1000k finish.) At the completion of 1000 kilometers, the 1200k participants continue riding north from San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles and Mission San Miguel, and then return to San Luis Obispo.

The 3CR route can be ridden straight through for a fast time, but using the overnight rest stops is recommended because you'll find more services open, you'll enjoy the scenery more, you'll have more company while you ride, and getting some sleep will make you a safer cyclist.

1000 km Brevet

  • Start: Thursday, August 7 at 05:30h in San Jose - Worker's Ride is July 24th
  • Finish: Sunday, August 10 at 08:30h in San Luis Obispo
  • Total Time: 75 hours
  • 1000k finishers will earn a brevet medal from the Audax Club Parisien.

1200 km Brevet

  • Start: Thursday, August 7 at 05:30h in San Jose - Worker's Ride is July 24th
  • Finish: Sunday, August 10 at 23:30h in San Luis Obispo
  • Total Time: 90 hours
  • 1200k finishers will earn a special 3CR medal.

We're very excited to offer our first-ever 1200k event. The route is based on our very successful 1000k of 2010. Please explore the links below to learn more and join our group discussion here.

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